The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) outlines standards for competence,


The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) outlines standards for competence, confidentiality, integrity, and credibility in its Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, which managerial accountants are required to uphold. You can access this statement through the following linkLinks to an external site. or refer to the attached document titled 'IMA_Ethics Card_Color_2022.pdf




Choose two of the following situations and respond to the following question in a minimum of 150+ words: Which standard(s) is(are) violated in each situation?

a. You tell your brother that your company will report earnings significantly above financial analysts’ estimates.

b. You see others take home office supplies for personal use. As an intern, you do the same thing, assuming that this is a “perk.”

c.  At a company-paid conference on e-commerce, you skip the afternoon session and go sightseeing.

d. You failed to read the detailed specifications of a new accounting software package that you asked your company to purchase. After it is installed, you are surprised that it is incompatible with some of your company’s older accounting software.

e.  You do not provide top management with the detailed job descriptions they requested because you fear they may use this information to cut a position in your department.

Weekly Discussion General Guideline

To ensure that our weekly discussions are productive, engaging, and respectful, please adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Timely Participation: Post one initial response (with a minimum of 150+ words) to the discussion question and at least one reply to a peer's post (with a minimum of 50+ words) each week. Ensure that your initial post is made by mid-week and your peer response by Sunday to allow time for meaningful engagement.
2. Relevance: Keep your contributions relevant to the topic at hand. Ensure that your posts and responses directly address the discussion question or the points raised in your peers' posts.
3. Courtesy and Respect: Approach each discussion with politeness and respect for others’ opinions. Encourage a positive learning environment by being supportive and considerate in your interactions.
4. Substantive Contributions: Aim for thoughtful, reflective, and detailed posts. Your contributions should add value to the discussion, providing insights, raising questions, or drawing connections to course material.
5. Constructive Feedback: When responding to peers, offer constructive feedback and thoughtful questions. Engage in a manner that promotes further discussion and deeper understanding.


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