Describe the purpose of total control as relates to the image of the state.

Question 1
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) Hereditary rule by one person is known as _____.
a monarchy
a republic
a state
Question 2
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) According to Aristotle, democracy is the _____ form of government by _____.
corrupt; one
corrupt; a few
corrupt; many
legitimate; many
Question 3
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) The idea that American states serve as “laboratories of democracy” is an advantage of _____ systems of government.
Question 4
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) In _____, representatives are elected based on their party’s percentage of the vote.
proportional representative systems
majoritarian systems
single-member districts
multimember districts
Question 5
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) An advantage of a proportional representation system of government would be _____.
a strong two-party system
the ability to draw districts to favor the majority party
representation of minor parties
the ability of the central government to provide benefits to the populations
Question 6
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) Welfare states tend to have which of the following combinations of state ownership and welfare benefits?
High levels of state ownership and high levels of welfare benefits
High levels of state ownership but low levels of welfare benefits
Low levels of state ownership and high levels of welfare benefits
Low levels of state ownership and low levels of welfare benefits
Question 7
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) Judicial activism refers to _____.
liberal judges
conservative judges
judicial restraint by judges
willingness to override legislatures
Question 8
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) Though rare, a “true” democracy, is a system in which _____.
all citizens meet periodically to elect officials
all citizens meet periodically to elect officials and personally enact laws
popular accountability is common, but political competition is extremely limited
the wealthy almost always have greater influence than the poor
Question 9
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) _____ states regularly use organized terror and violence against their citizens to maintain control and achieve their goals.
Question 10
3 / 3 pts
(TCO 2) Describe the purpose of total control as relates to the image of the state.
To reveal the state as a genuine and open entity
To excuse the state’s invasive and/or violent political measures
To convey to the citizens a perception of only everyday order
To convey to visitors a perception of nearly perfect orde

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