CCC AI Impact on Students Hobbies and Careers Discussion

Ai is on the rise and with that rapid change, people, companies and even communities are having to adapt quickly.…

1. As students, how do you use AI currently, how do you see it as a benefit? do you think it hurts you in a way? Are you for AI or against it? Why?

2. How will AI effect one of your favorite past times? Has it already? IE, one of my favorite past times is watercolor painting. It has not had a direct impact, though youtube has found all sorts of painting videos for me to watch.

3. 20 years ago, cell phones were on the rise, not smart phones, but regular cell phones. They looked like this:…

Now we have smart phones, foldable screens, all kinds of advances in technology. It’s a huge shift, but it’s also been a subtle shift in that our lives are still relatively the same. In that same vein, how do you forsee AI effecting your lives and/or your careers? Do you think AI will make things easier and we’ll have more leisure time? Or will it make it harder in having to prove ourselves more? Do you think we’ll have actual robots to interact with or will we have more tools like Amazon’s Alexa to interract with? 

2 students to respond to:

student #1

1. In my daily life, the most common scenario I use AI is AI voice assistant, such as Siri. From my perspective, AI is meant to “complement” human life, not replace it. In short, the most direct impact of AI is the weakening of human thinking. Many people leave the flaws of their ideas and complex tasks to AI, which not only reduces the opportunity for people to think, but also makes the competition between people more and more negative, because the more things are perfect, the more people’s tolerance for mistakes will be reduced.

2. I love photography and AI has influenced it. From the technical aspect of photography, light and shutter are very important factors that make up a good photo, but technology nowadays is able to “calculate” these photos through artificial intelligence, which makes the threshold of photography technology significantly lowered, and we can easily get a good photo. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s just an easier way to help people record their live.

3. For some of traditional industries, AI will undoubtedly make it harder in having to prove ourselves more different. Although the development of AI is essentially positive for human well-being, most decision makers in companies will ultimately lead to the replacement of some people’s jobs by AI to reduce costs. For these reasons, I have chosen cybersecurity in my career plan – at least the information industry is less vulnerable to AI in this time.

In addition to this, the development of robots is maturing, but I think they are basically becoming an assistive tool rather than a human communication tool. Although robots are becoming more and more humanized in their responses, they still lack emotion in their modules (but they are patient and can be used for training purposes).


student #2

  1. AI is in my opinion a double-edged sword, it has some benefits and some drawbacks. We can use it to help us solve problems that we could not solve by ourselves. We use it in medicine, automation, and many parts of our lives. This idea that something helps us on a personal level and makes our daily lives easier is something positive. Eventually, we humans become afraid of what we create. We create these scenarios that one day if we allow the AI to develop itself it could take over the world and kill us. One case we witnessed was the incident when Facebook developed two AI chatbots that created a language that only they understood. This creates the insecurity of how AI would develop itself to degrees we can’t comprehend. Personally, the benefits outlay the drawbacks therefore AI is something we should work on and allow it to help us in ways it already helping us and allow it to help us in other ways.
  2. One of my favorite pastimes was playing soccer with my friends right after class or during summer break. AI might in the future create robots that play instead of us but in reality, it is very hard to replace the human factor in sports. We know that sports are way more than just playing within rules and regulations, a lot of sports icons become icons for their ability to connect with the fans and create their own unique print within that sport. Today we can see that every sports channel is dependent to some degree on AI, to understand and analyze plays, to reach the biggest amount of people, and sometimes AI is even involved directly with players. But at last, the ability for AI to take over the feeling of playing with your friends might not come true within our lifetime.
  3. AI can develop in many ways, one way is its involvement in our daily life. We can already see how it’s being used to automate cars and allows its users to relax and not require as much focus. AI will develop to levels we can’t foresee right now. In the future, we might have robots that can help a person with their emotions, we could have robots do simple tasks and assignments instead of people, and we might even have robots that could predict how a criminal might act or react. The ideas are endless because it does not have a ceiling in our minds. One way I can see AI affect my future is in the business industry, especially in accounting. Already today a lot of accountants are using ChatGPT to resolve easy questions and present different methods to solve problems, but in the end, the decision is up to the accountant himself. This could develop in a way where the AI language could solve the entire problem for the accountant and allow him or her to focus on other things to improve the business and their personal life. 


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